Employee Fitness Benefits, Simplified

Our online portal makes it simple to connect your employees with hundreds of local fitness studios and gyms. We make fitness easier (and way more fun) with thousands of fitness options everyday. Close to home, close to work and everywhere in between.

Why should my company use Fitset?

Keep your best employees

After all, they're your company's best asset. Physically active employees are often the healthiest, and it's no secret that healthy employees pay off. We make it easier for employees to get active by providing access to a diverse network of fitness studios at rates lower than you could imagine. Give your employees the fitness options that fit their lifestyle.

We've simplified our sweat benefit and enhanced community connections. I now have more time to focus on my buisness.

- Anna L.

More choices

Fitset offers thousands of different fitness options every single week at studios located in all areas of the city. Yoga, spinning, bootcamp, dance, barre, boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, CrossFit®, TRX, climbing walls and so much more. By offering variety and convenience, it's easier for employees to be physically active and as I am sure you're already aware, active employees translate to less absenteeism, higher productivity, higher team morale and lower health care costs.

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Fitset offers great discounts at local studios and makes it so easy to find new workouts!

-Allison S.

Easily manage the benefit

Oversee existing wellness initiatives or effortlessly start new ones. Manage thousands of employees from the click of a button. Detailed analytics and relevant reporting help your team reach its potential. As an admin you can log in daily or a just few times a year to check usage. Pull reports on usage, trends, and spend values.

No cost setup

Allow employees to do things like purchase drop-ins, buy monthly memberships, and file receipts. Contribute to employee fitness budgets from $0 to $1000 per employee. The best part is that your company pays only for what is used.

Need a custom solution?

Chances are we thought of it already. Let us know how we can make your benefit even better

Start today

Setup is simple and free. If you think your teams could benefit from less sick leave, higher productivity, and more contentment at work, let's talk.

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