Corporate Partnerships, Simplified

Fitset is partnered with hundreds of amazing fitness studios and gyms in order to provide a one of a kind employee fitness benefit for companies. The Fitset platform makes it easier for companies to manage and track wellness spending accounts and easier for employees of these companies to use their monthly fitness spending accounts at great local fitness studios. Our program is built around win/win partnerships with great fitness studios.


What we do

  • Connect companies who value employee health and wellness to great local fitness businesses in the community.
  • Simplify drop-ins and monthly membership sales through an online mobile and web based platform.
  • Offer corporate "unpublished" rates that are a win/win and fair for all.
  • Establish unique pricing for different companies or specialty classes.
  • Give studios & gyms the freedom to focus on their business, and let us tackle their corporate sales strategy.

Fitset makes it so easy for our team to find new workouts!

-Allison S.

How it works


Fitset reviews and approves your studio.
Setup takes 10 minutes or less.
Integrate your class or open gym schedules with our system.
Engage with approved companies through Fitset's web and mobile apps.

We've simplified our sweat benefit and enhanced community connections. I now have more time to focus on my buisness.

- Anna L.

How does Fitset's pricing work?

Setup is free and Fitset never charges anything to be included on the list of fitness providers. We’ll display corporate rates to employees of companies without compromising your published individual rates. We are committed to finding a rate that makes sense for you and your business.

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