Many people view exercise as a chore instead of an integrated and exciting part of their lifestyle. We aim to change that, and eventually transform the common perception of healthcare being something reactive versus something that should be done proactively through physical activity. Fitset makes fitness fun, easily accessible and affordable by providing both individual members as well as employees of any sized organization access to thousands of fitness options every day at local studios, fitness facilities, swimming pools, climbing walls and health clubs. In other words, Fitset makes it easier (and way more fun) for people to explore their city and get active.

Tim Gourlay is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fitset. As a former professional volleyball player, fitness and regular physical activity has always been an important part of his lifestyle. The inspiration for Fitset came after Tim and his wife were spending almost $400 per month on fitness memberships at their favourite local boutique studios. He knew there had to be a better way and Fitset was born!